mengu ([personal profile] mengu) wrote2013-04-21 10:15 pm
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Carole Ann Ford's Susan

What did give way were the promises she had been made about her character. “I was a very good dancer and had been an acrobat. They told me Susan was going to be an Avengers-type girl – with all the kapow of that – plus she would have telepathetic powers. She was going to be able to fly the Tardis as well as her grandfather and have the most extraordinary wardrobe. None of that happened.” (x)

Can we rewrite time and get this Susan please? I like her. A lot. All I've seen of our Susan is An Unearthly Child, The Edge of Destruction and The Five Doctors. In T5D she twists her ankle and sits in the TARDIS with Turlough. (I think)