mengu ([personal profile] mengu) wrote2013-07-19 10:42 pm
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What do you mean it's three months later?

My current theory is that Modern!Clara is Clara 1, and that something happens after now that changes her.
My current theory is that Clara is the Great Intelligence.
My current theory is that something is rewriting her timeline - I only hope it's Clara.
My current theory is that Clara will become immortal; not never-dying, but every time she dies she comes back to life. (Doctor Who? Clara Oswin Oswald)

Well. I didn't do too badly. First one is right. Got that the Great Intelligence would be involved.  Hmm.

I really need to know how this is going to play out. Will she remember everything? Maybe just when she chooses too? Moffat does in general tend to go for "yeah, they remember it" for everything, so I'm not too worried. And maybe her character will move more towards what Oswin and Victorian!Clara were like?